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Mayor as a Justice of the Peace?

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Does anyone know if there are any Arkansas State rules or laws against a small town City Mayor also being a Justice of the Peace at the same time in the same city? The town I live in has a Mayor and they are wanting a JP as well. Thinking about double duty?



  1. Glenn_001's Avatar
    Wow! That's like a very big responsibility for your city Mayor if he will be the Justice Of the Peace.. He is actually the Chief of the city..He oversees the safety and security of the place in totality..However, wouldn't it be too much on his place if he will take the Justice of the Peace seat? Personally I would say, "give other people the chance to rule..." and let the CITY MAYOR, be a FULL TIME MAYOR..

    My two cents.

    Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer
  2. roxshane's Avatar
    To: Glenn-001

    I agree to that in some aspects......The city has only 500+ people and the current mayor doesnt seem to do much and frankly....well lets just say he thinks he is the mayor of a large metropolitan city. It doesnt really pay from what I hear and I have been told that he just gives the pay back to the city. I was entertaining the idea of running in the next election and have been asked by several community members to run. The city had a JP at one point and currently does not. I have a law enforcement backround and am not of age to retire nor well off enough to not work for pay and thought if I could do both I could get paid.

    If the city could afford to pay the mayor I would be happy with just having a full plate and not an over flowing one.
    What do you think?

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