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detainement for battery

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In short..
Police came to house last evening looking for my son.. wanted to talk to him about an incident that happened the previous night. said there was no warrant and no charges.. just want to talk to him about it.. want him to come to police station...
son was at friends house and had a fight with another guest... other guest was physically trying to push son out the door of house to make him leave.. son did not want to leave as he had been drinking.. a fight happened..other person recieved injuries that required medical attention..
should son go to police station and talk to them... or wait for a warrant to be issued? if he does go in, how far should he go in his talking to give the police information...what should he say or not say?
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  1. samoadc's Avatar
    I am not a lawyer and don't truly know much but my two bits worth is that under the circumstances stated here it may even have been a bad idea for you to post here what you think happened as someone might find it and try to use it against your son. I think to be safe maybe you should try and talk it over with him and a lawyer. Could the fight be seen as self defense. Who pushed who first, hit who first, how they felt about what was happening would all have an effect on what some people would think, let alone contributing to a minor and who furnished the beer. Talkiing to cops is often one of those things lawyers usually advise you to not do and at sixteen I personally think cops can so scare the out of a kid that if they want to they can even browbeat him to the point of signing a confession containing little or no truths. Good Luck
  2. Fasteasylaw's Avatar
    Even a fish would not get caught if it kept it's mouth shut