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I need a lawyer

I need a lawyer

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I am looking for advice/help with a couple different solutions to my problem.

Here is my problem.

For years Iíve been paying for a child that isnít mine in PA. I need help to RIGHT A WRONG!!


1. I was married from June 1987 to Sept. 1998

2. I have 2 daughters from the marriage

3. I had a vasectomy in 1990 after the birth of my 2nd daughter paid for by PA medical card

4. No pregnancies or ďscaresĒ from that time till 1998

5. From Dec. 1996 to Sept. 1998 my ex and I were separated not living in the same state (1996 - 1998 I lived in NC and she in PA) (1998 - 2012 I lived in SC and she in PA)

6. Sept. of 1998 divorce was finalized (also sued for child support - at that time I was doing temp. work in hosp. most temp. work has a notably higher rate of pay than full time reg. work. I was assessed to pay $400 per child per month)

7. Between temp. jobs I had $0 coming in and requested a lowering of support which was ignored

8. Requested a hearing de novo to have support lowered and appeared in court in Feb. 1999. By that time was approx. $1800 in arrears because the support wasnít lowered. I didnít have the money for a lawyer nor thought I needed a lawyer to simply get my support lowered at that time. The stateís atty addressed the arrears and I was put in jail. (My brother paid half for me to get me out of jail)

9. My request for lowering support was never addressed and support was not lowered

10. In March 1999 I received notice of a 3rd child to be added to my support order and I needed to appear in PA to contest paternity. (Because my support was never lowered I was further in arrears)

11. Because of number 3, 5, and 8 I thought it was a ploy to get me up there to put me in jail again and BEING AFRAID I did not show up for the court (My ONLY mistake)

12. Just because her child was conceived before we were legally divorced (even though I was living in a completely different state) I was deemed financially responsible for the child.

I think I may need to sue the state because I canít get any local lawyers to take my case. I did retain a lawyer and later rescinded the retainer and wouldnít take it perhaps due to local politics. Iíve had other lawyers take my money, use up my retainer, and not get anything done.

I am truly at the end of my rope and donít know what to do. I need this bs. Law overturned to have any justice. I need SOMEONE to use to system for what it was actually intended. The lawyer who takes this case on will re-write the PA law history books and possibly help other men like myself. Not ALL men who owe support are deadbeats!!
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  1. samoadc's Avatar
    This appears to be a very bad place to get answers. Have you talked to an attorney for Legal Aid or any other group that gives legal aid to low income individuals? Try to and to see if you are eligible. As just sounding off as I am not a lawyer I am wondering if the state where the child was born considers any child born to be the legal offspring of the husband and wife irregardless of who the biological father happens to be. I am sure you realize you need a lawyer and that that expense may be much cheaper than what you will pay if you don't get things straightened out, so do it one way or another. You found a way to get out of jail with your brother's help so now don't make any excuses for not doing it. Find a way even if you have to contaqct a hundred lawyers and work it off by doing something he wants done. If you never ask if that is possible you will never know if it is or not. Good luck.