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There is a lot going on in the legal world as of Monday October 1. Certainly, some major rulings will be made during the week. These legal events will provide you with law information to keep you updated with the latest happenings.
On Monday 1, the cases of Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum and Lozman v. Rivera Beach, Fla will be heard in the Supreme Court. In the former case, the judges will determine whether infringements committed outside the United States are covered under the Alien Tort Statutes.
In the Lozman case, the cause of disagreement is whether a houseboat can actually be considered a boat. Based on the law information given, the outcome of this evaluation will determine whether dockside Casinos should be subject to maritime law or not.
On the same day in Moscow, the Tverskoy Court will take into consideration a request brought forward by the Prosecutor’s Office to ban the film “Innocence of Muslims”. This film is said to be anti-Islam and it has caused a lot of controversy as well as violence in many parts of the world. A Grozny court ruled the week before that the film should be banned due to its extremist content.
In other strange laws, Christians arrested for preaching at night on Bourbon Street will have their case heard on Monday in New Orleans. The Christians were arrested during the Southern Decadence day, which is a celebration of gay people. The court will seek to determine if the rules against preaching at night can be done away with.
Tuesday 2 in Pennsylvania will see a court make a ruling on the requirement that voters present their photos when voting. On Wednesday 3rd, the Supreme Court will be hearing the case of Johnson v. Williams and that of Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. U.S. The latter case is supposed to determine whether the federal government should compensate the Commission.
Thursday 4 will see a court in South Dakota determine the constitutionality of the one drug capital punishment. Defense lawyers argue that the law is cruel and that it falls under unusual performance. More strange laws in Texas as a judge makes a ruling on whether it was right for a middle school to block its cheerleaders from carrying banners with bible stories on them.
The legality of a ballot box asking voters to confirm if they are U.S citizens will be determined on Friday in a Detroit Federal court.
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