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GAL issued a new Order and my ex will not sign

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My ex and I share joint legal custody of our daughter. I have physical custody. The original order of divorse and custody was not working and we ended up back in court. we were appointed a GAL to be the medeator. the GAL has met with us both and came up with a new order. however my ex will not sign the new order nor will he comply with the GAL at all. What happens now? He was the one that started the court case and petitioned for the GAL. He even sined an agreement to allow the GAL to make the final order as did I. Do we go back to court or is there something that I can do. He has abided by some of the new order such as paying more child support and we also abided by this new order to schedule this summers visitation.
Thanks, Mississippi Mom of two


  1. 4N6_Photo's Avatar
    Do you know what the issue is that your ex objects to? If it is something that you are agreeable to, the GAL should not have a problem with it. Bottom line is: is it more expensive for you (financial, emotional, etc.) to work together or to fight this? Yes, you could take it to Court and win, and maybe get legal fees, but is the issue worth fighting about? Your ex may (probably will) be forced to accept the order, even without signing, but is the fight worth it? Is being right the right thing to do? Only you know the issue, at this point, so only you know if it is something that is acceptable or not. Most times people will sign to allow the GAL to make the decision figuring that the GAL will side with them and then are surprised when they don't get what they want. This may be the issue here.

    Good luck, and remember to watch out for the best interest of the child in all things.
  2. 20160611caihuali's Avatar